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#RICON15, It's a wrap

San Francisco and Basho treated us well. It was three intense days. The training day was interesting, even if I do extensive operations on riak clusters, I ended up learning some new tricks. Especially interesting when Matt Davis showed of his operations ninja skills in terms of graphing and analysing trends in a riak cluster.

Then we had two days of presentations, it was a really interesting number of speakers. In the afternoon of the first day I did my presentation "From PostgreSQL to Riak, a success story", slides here. It was a fun experience and the response was good.

One of the more interesting presentations was the one Luis Mariano Guerra did on building a riak_core app, slides here. He also went the extra mile and made a git repository so that you can redo it at home. But wait there's more, he also wrote an online book on the subject. If you're in to that type of stuff check it out, I know I will.

Finally lets not forget the nice representation dinners, with tequila and sake.


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