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About S2HC

S2HC Sweden AB is a small family company, devoted to help companies with solutions within technology and management. We work with development process support, project management. S2HC works with both big contracts as well as focused initiatives.

S2HC offers social and positive consultants, with big competence within their field. We're motivated and passionate for what we do. The goal is to offer more then just resources. S2HC as a partner should streamline and boost your company.


S2HC offers services like reviews, coaching and consulting.

We offer different forms of reviews based on the need of the client. That can be system reviews, code reviews or a complete review of the clients company structures and processes. The review results in a report with different enhancements and solution proposal that gives a more efficient work flow and enhanced results.

A coach can come in an make a focused effort, make enhancement proposals and get the internal resources going. To get help from by a coach will be enriching and focused with the benefit of having someone look at things from a different angle. This is cost effective and helps improve results.

S2HC offers consultants that are specialized in scalability and availability and are often working with large complex and transactional intense systems. Focus is always on the next step; how can it be automated, will it scale and how easy is the code/project to maintain.


S2HC is registered reseller for Basho, Redhat and EnterpriseDBs prodcuts. The products are open source, but offers enterprise licences for added support and or features. Our main focus is scalability and availability when we help out clients with technical soulutions and theese products are chosen since they've proven capable to deliver on the requirements the modern comapny has. We offer these products: Riak Enterprise, Riak CS Enterprise, PostgreSQL Plus and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.