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Consulting services with focus on the next step

Our specialities are scalability and avalilability. We mostly work with complex systems in areas of Big data, IoT (Internet of Things) and other transaction intense systems. Regardles if we're helping our clients develop new software or building production systems, our focus is on the next step; how can the code base be maintained, will it scale, how easy is it to use for ops team, can it be automated.

What can we do for you?

Even if coaching is our primary service when it comes to helping clients, we have and still do "ordinary" consulting. Our consultants have many years of experience, often within different areas and positions of tech companies.

We offer services within development, operations and integration.


  • Architect
  • Project management / Scrum master
  • Developer


  • Operations manager
  • Dev Ops
  • Operations technitions


  • Configuration Manager
  • Integration technician

Development, operations and integration

Our specialities are scaleability and availability. We help our clients achive this, both when doing new and maintenance development. Our consultants have many years of experiens, often in different areas of a development project. We can help with architecture, development of systems or project management.

Our consultants also have experience in operations, often as both technitian and manager. The size of the environmante ranges from small web page deployments to huge multi data center environments for gaming or financial industry.

As many of our consultants have experience in both development and operations, we can often provide our clients with unique skill sets suitable for integration projects.


Competent, driven and social consultants that are used to become useful fast, even in complex projects and systems. We do both short and longer contracts and also do focused efforts when needed.

Market experience

  • Finans
  • Gaming industry
  • Retail