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Coaching, pushing your company forward

Instead of using a conventional resource consult, you should hire a coach that coach, mentor and helps an existing resource. Examples of what a coach can do is to listen and suggest how a project could be pushed forward, how problems can be resolved, what strategy to take with a new product; and then offer support along the way. A coach is a mix between education and consulting.

The idea is that the coach do focused efforts, not be present all the time. How much time is needed is dependent on differs from company to company. The coach:s work becomes more focused and more comprehensive. Contrary to a consultant that sits at the client full time, you need fewer hours with a coach, while enriching your own resources.

The benefits of using a coach is, among other things, that you get a fresh set of eyes with new angle of approach pushing forward. A coach can come in and do focused efforts. That makes for a better result and more cost efficient.

Clients need

  • Map out the requiremetns
  • What's the goal
  • Lay the foundation


  • Produce suggestions for improvement
  • New angle of aproach
  • Kick-start the internal resources


  • Reconciliation meeting
  • Coaching

How will the coaching proceed?

The first step is to get an overview, understand the demands / problems and lay the foundation. The coach comes with suggestions and ideas for the internal resource that do the implementation. The goal is to get the coaching started early on to get as good result as possible.

Coaching is about guidance, it isn't about a position that needs to be filled. You might need some structure, get a project going or that a merger has just happened and you need some help going forward. The goal is to be a supporting role while the internal resources work, helping and supporting where it's needed. The coach is there to support. The coach acts as the internal resources sounding board. Just as a sports coach at a game, the coach isn't actively playing, but supporting and motivating the players.

Why hire a coach?

  • Better results
  • A set of fresh eyes
  • Focused efforts
  • Cost effective