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Review, a foundation for better results

The concept of a review is that we look at the part of your company that you need help with. Depending on your needs that could be anything from board of management to code reviews or the technical systems you have deployed. From that review we lay out plans of improvement, both short and long term. We do different types of reviews, it can be about company review, system review, code review or all of above.

The benefits of a reveiw is that you get a person with lot of experience looking at your project / problem from a new angle. The review leeds to more efficient work flow, helps finding week spots and get out of bad habits. The idea is that it should lay a foundation for the company to get better results.

Do you need a review?

  • Are development missing deadline after deadline?
  • Can't the production system handle the peak loads, or are you breaking SLA:s?
  • Is it hard to keep track with the company growing or have you just done a merger? Changes like this often leed to chaotic situations among staff and in both processes and supporting systems.
  • Are you unsure if the production system will be able to handle the next big thing in the backlog? Is operations maintenance becoming to big?

Client needs

  • What type of review do you need


  • Interview of key persons
  • Chek processes
  • Check system architecture
  • Check code base


  • Write report
  • Do consequence analysis
  • Make road map, both short and long term

How does it work?

We start from your needs regarding what type of review that is necessary.

When we do company reviews we do interviews with managers, project managers / scrum masters, architects and developers.

Do you have a code base that doesn't perform or scale as intendet? We go through the code base and or design documentation and then we make a report focusing on improvements, mainly in regards to stability, effectiveness and scalability.

When the review part is done we write a report summarizing our findings and suggestions on improvements. We also do a consequence analysis of these suggestions and discuss the possibilities and risks of suggested improvements.

If the client wishes we can continue to act as coach when implementing the improvements.